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Word of the day (Vocabulary) 12-10-2020

Date: 11-10-2020

Word of the day: Every Day, We pick up random 10 words to enrich your vocabulary and remind how beautiful English language is. ~ Word Coach & Word Up. Looking for someone who has got meaning of words with easy explanation. Your search ends here, We are the best Word Finder!!!

Vocabulary improves all areas of communication listening, speaking, reading and writing.

There are 4 types of vocabulary:
1. Listening Vocabulary
2. Speaking Vocabulary
3. Reading Vocabulary
4. Writing Vocabulary

  1. Muttonchops (noun):
    Definition of Muttonchops: facial hair on human

    Synonyms of Muttonchops: imperial, fuzz, brush, Santa Claus, stubble, bristles, goatee, Vandyke, five-o-clock shadow

    Opposite/Antonyms of Muttonchops:

    Sentence/Example of Muttonchops: Click to view

  2. Pilotages (noun):
    Definition of Pilotages: guidance

    Synonyms of Pilotages: control, direction, management, power, influence, administration, authority, initiative, command, skill, foresight, capacity, preeminence, conveyance, supremacy, domination, superiority, hegemony, sway, primacy, conduction, directorship, superintendency

    Opposite/Antonyms of Pilotages: subservience, impotence, powerlessness, incapacity, inability, weakness

    Sentence/Example of Pilotages: Click to view

  3. Mizzling (verb):
    Definition of Mizzling: cloud, steam up

    Synonyms of Mizzling: dim, sprinkle, murk, overcast, rain, steam, shower, haze, fog, blur, becloud, obscure, drizzle, film, befog, overcloud

    Opposite/Antonyms of Mizzling: burn off, clear up

    Sentence/Example of Mizzling: Click to view

  4. Marine (adjective):
    Definition of Marine: sea

    Synonyms of Marine: aquatic, naval, maritime, coastal, oceanic, shore, seashore, seafaring, sea, nautical, pelagic, abyssal, navigational, seagoing, saltwater, deep-sea, seaside, littoral, Neptunian, hydrographic, natatorial, ocean-going, oceanographic

    Opposite/Antonyms of Marine:

    Sentence/Example of Marine: Click to view

  5. Pales (verb):
    Definition of Pales: become, make lighter or weakened

    Synonyms of Pales: blanch, dim, tarnish, muddy, faint, lessen, decrease, whiten, fade, diminish, dull, go white, grow dull, lose color, lose luster

    Opposite/Antonyms of Pales: expand, develop, strengthen, raise, extend, brighten, radiate, glow, darken, grow, increase, enlarge

    Sentence/Example of Pales: Click to view

  6. Oversupplies (noun):
    Definition of Oversupplies: surplus

    Synonyms of Oversupplies: glut, residue, surfeit, plethora, superabundance, overmuch, fat, overage, superfluity, plus, excess, surplusage, overflow, balance, remainder, overstock, overrun, too much, overkill, something extra, the limit

    Opposite/Antonyms of Oversupplies: want, need, base, lack, core

    Sentence/Example of Oversupplies: Click to view

  7. Overdone (adjective):
    Definition of Overdone: overcooked

    Synonyms of Overdone: burned, scorched, charred

    Opposite/Antonyms of Overdone:

    Sentence/Example of Overdone: Click to view

  8. Mavericks (noun):
    Definition of Mavericks: person who takes chances, departs from accepted course

    Synonyms of Mavericks: radical, nonconformist, extremist, bohemian, dissenter, malcontent

    Opposite/Antonyms of Mavericks: moderate, conservative

    Sentence/Example of Mavericks: Click to view

  9. Badlands (noun):
    Definition of badlands: an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska

    Synonyms of badlands: bad lands, desert, wasteland, wilderness, waste, barren land, barren, wastelands, salt flat

    Opposite/Antonyms of badlands: woodland, plantation, forest, oasis

    Sentence/Example of badlands: Click to view

  10. Academic (noun):
    Definition of academic: an educator who works at a college or university

    Synonyms of academic: academician, faculty member, scholarly, scholastic, scholar, pedantic, learned, theoretical, erudite, bookish, educational

    Opposite/Antonyms of academic: unscholarly, idiot, nonacademic, practical, bird-brain, uneducated

    Sentence/Example of academic: Click to view

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