Definition of Monitors:

person who watches, oversees

Synonyms of Monitors:

auditor, adviser, informant, supervisor, listener, director, overseer, counselor, guide, invigilator, watchdog, eaves-dropper

Opposite/Antonyms of Monitors:

Sentence/Example of Monitors:

Samuel, like the rest, had felt the sudden apparition of this monitor.

Written three days before the foundering of the Monitor off Hatteras, Dec. 31st 1862.

Being a downeaster, he liked to keep on good terms with that monitor.

The Monitor dropped astern, and again we turned and tried to ram her.

We went; we bore down upon the Monitor, now in deeper water.

The Monitor was there, an old foe—the cheese box on a shingle.

She was, indeed, his safeguard and his hourly monitor while she lived.

He cooled down considerably and looked meditatively at his monitor.

The Monitor was a Kessingland craft, and belonged to one Hutton.

Of course a monitor could do no wrong, and it was no use objecting on that score.