cloying [adjective]

Definition of cloying:

Excessively sweet, sentimental, or insincere to the point of being unpleasant. It can be used for both literal and figurative situations.

Synonyms of cloying:

Opposite/Antonyms of cloying:

Sentence/Example of cloying:

The children found the movie's ending to be too cloying with its overly happy resolution.

The perfume's cloying sweetness gave me a headache.

The politician's speech was full of cloying platitudes that didn't address any real issues.

I prefer dark chocolate; I find milk chocolate too cloying.

The love song was so cloying it made me want to roll my eyes.

The author's portrayal of the characters' romance felt forced and cloying.

Don't write a cloying apology letter; be sincere and take responsibility for your actions.

The commercial's cloying attempt to tug at heartstrings backfired completely.

I prefer a more understated style of writing; cloying sentimentality isn't my cup of tea.

The documentary offered a refreshingly unsentimental look at the historical event.