contrivance [noun]

Definition of contrivance:

  • A clever or ingenious invention or scheme
  • An artificial or unnatural arrangement
  • A deceitful or manipulative plan

Synonyms of contrivance:

Opposite/Antonyms of contrivance:

Sentence/Example of contrivance:

The engineer's latest contrivance was a self-watering plant pot.

The stage set looked like a cheap contrivance, not a believable representation of a medieval castle.

The politician's story about his childhood was a complete contrivance, designed to gain sympathy.

The movie relied on too many plot contrivances, making it feel unrealistic.

Despite its simple design, the machine was a clever contrivance for solving the problem.

The magician's tricks were all elaborate contrivances, but they still managed to fool the audience.

The author's use of foreshadowing was subtle, not a forced contrivance.

The company's new marketing campaign felt like a cynical contrivance to sell more products.

The modern home's design was a marvel of modern contrivance, with hidden storage and space-saving features.

We need to find a more elegant solution, not a makeshift contrivance that won't last.