excoriate [verb]

Definition of excoriate:

  • To criticize or berate severely; to denounce harshly.
  • To strip off or remove the skin from.

Synonyms of excoriate:

Opposite/Antonyms of excoriate:

Sentence/Example of excoriate:

The journalist excoriated the government's handling of the crisis.

She was excoriated by her peers for her controversial remarks.

The review excoriated the film for its poor acting and weak plot.

He excoriated his opponent's policies during the debate.

The manager excoriated the team for their lack of effort.

Critics excoriated the artist's latest exhibition as derivative and uninspired.

The editorial excoriated the company for its unethical practices.

Parents excoriated the school board for their decision to cut arts programs.

He was excoriated in the media for his insensitive comments.

The coach excoriated the players for their lack of discipline on the field.