expediency [noun]

Definition of expediency:

  • Focus on achieving a goal
  • Potential ethical considerations
  • The quality of being suited to the end in view

Synonyms of expediency:

Opposite/Antonyms of expediency:

Sentence/Example of expediency:

To save time, the manager opted for the more expedient solution, delegating the task to a junior member.

Due to the storm, the pilot made the expedient decision to land at a nearby airport.

The company prioritized expediency in launching the product, leading to some bugs in the initial release.

The politician's decision to support the controversial bill was seen as an act of expediency to secure funding.

Taking shortcuts may seem expedient now, but it could lead to bigger problems later.

While offering a bribe might seem like an expedient way to get the deal done, it's ultimately unethical and illegal.

The judge valued fairness over expediency, taking the time to hear all sides of the case.

Although it meant missing the deadline, the engineer refused to compromise on safety standards.

Rushing into a decision without careful consideration can lead to unintended consequences, even if it seems expedient in the moment.

A comprehensive investigation takes time, but it's more likely to uncover the truth than a quick, expedient solution.