Idioms about death

Idioms about death

  • another nail in one's coffin

    Meaning: If you describe something as another nail in the coffin of another thing, you mean that it is one in a series of events that lead to the downfall or inevitable failure of that thing.

  • at death's door

    Meaning: About to die; in a life-threatening state of health

  • be dead in the water

    Meaning: The idiom dead in the water means that something is unable to move or function.

  • between life and death

    Meaning: A situation involving the danger of dying or being killed.

  • bite the dust

    Meaning: to break; to fail.; to die

  • breathe one's last

    Meaning: The phrase breathe one's last means to die.

  • brush with death

    Meaning: If someone has a brush with death, they have an experience in which one almost dies.

  • cut someone dead

    Meaning: If you cut someone dead, you ignore them because you are angry or you are displeased with them.

  • dance on someone's grave

    Meaning: To celebrate a person's death triumphantly.

  • dead and buried

    Meaning: No longer in use or under consideration, irrelevant, forgotten.

  • dead meat

    Meaning: Someone in danger of death or severe punishment.

  • dead right

    Meaning: If someone is dead right, it means that they are absolutely correct.

  • dead serious


    • Completely serious and sincere
    • Absolutely serious and is not joking

  • dead to the world

    Meaning: Said about someone who is sound asleep or unconscious.

  • dead wood

    Meaning: Workers no longer contributing to an organization.

  • dice with death

    Meaning: If someone dices with death, they do something risky or dangerous that could even cause their death.

  • done to death

    Meaning: if something is done to death, it is used or discussed so many times that it has become boring.

  • It's your funeral

    Meaning: The phrase It's your funeral! is used to mean that if someone has to face the consequences of his or her actions.

  • kiss of death

    Meaning: If something is described as a kiss of death, it is certain to cause failure and ruin.

  • knock them dead

    Meaning: If you knock someone dead, you strongly impress them.

  • love somebody to death

    Meaning: To love somebody very much.

  • meet one's death

    Meaning: To die.

  • never say die

    Meaning: The phrase never say die means never give up or surrender. It is used to encourage a person to keep trying.

  • nothing is certain but death and taxes

    Meaning: You will undoubtedly die.; You will certainly have to pay taxes.

  • over my dead body

    Meaning: Under no circumstances; absolutely not.

  • turn in one's grave

    Meaning: To turn in one's grave or to turn over in one's grave is an idiomatic expression used to describe the anger or revulsion of a dead person if he or she were alive to hear of particular negative news or actions.

  • wouldn't be caught dead

    Meaning: If you wouldn’t be caught dead doing something, you would never do it because you would feel ashamed or embarrassed

  • you're killing me

    Meaning: The phrase you're killing me is an exaggerated way of saying that something or someone is very funny.