Definition of Defying:

challenge, frustrate

Synonyms of Defying:

resist, spurn, thwart, violate, withstand, confront, ridicule, elude, flout, ignore, oppose, disregard, provoke, mock, repulse, despise, brave, insult, slight, face, baffle, front, foil, repel, beard, stick, venture, defeat, scorn, gibe, contemn, dare, deride, hang tough, fly in face of, hurl defiance at, make my day, outdare, stick fast, take one on

Opposite/Antonyms of Defying:

yield, commend, encourage, give up, love, like, regard, pay attention, flatter, help, surrender, obey, give in, abet, compliment, hide, admire, attract, note, respect, praise, assist, aid

Sentence/Example of Defying: