Definition of Amiable:

friendly, agreeable

Synonyms of Amiable:

cordial, genial, cheerful, good-humored, charming, pleasant, delightful, good-natured, lovable, sociable, engaging, affable, mellow, friendly, amicable, gracious, attractive, benign, breezy, complaisant, cool, cozy, easy, kind, kindly, lenient, mild, obliging, palsy-walsy, pleasing, princely, responsive, right, righteous, swell, tight, warm, warmhearted, winning, buddy-buddy, clubby, copacetic, downright neighborly, home cooking, pussycat, sweet-tempered

Opposite/Antonyms of Amiable:

rude, gloomy, mean, bad, nasty, sad, unhappy, cold, disagreeable, testy, surly, quarrelsome, irritable, crabby, unkind, hateful, repulsive, unsociable, unpleasant, unfriendly, hostile, aloof

Sentence/Example of Amiable: