Definition of Annihilate:

destroy completely

Synonyms of Annihilate:

wipe out, exterminate, liquidate, obliterate, decimate, demolish, crush, quell, negate, extinguish, raze, eradicate, quash, murder, annul, invalidate, ruin, massacre, undo, abolish, nullify, vitiate, erase, wrack, slaughter, abate, abrogate, expunge, wreck, extirpate, do in, rub out, finish off, blot out, root out, take out

Opposite/Antonyms of Annihilate:

establish, give birth, approve, save, support, help, fix, bear, build, revive, preserve, ratify, legalize, institute, validate, protect, sanction, permit, assist, aid, construct, create

Sentence/Example of Annihilate: