Definition of Capricious:

given to sudden behavior change

Synonyms of Capricious:

whimsical, wayward, quirky, unreasonable, helter-skelter, unpredictable, fickle, unstable, careless, arbitrary, flighty, volatile, impulsive, erratic, temperamental, contrary, crotchety, effervescent, every which way, fanciful, fitful, flaky, freakish, inconstant, kinky, mercurial, moody, mutable, odd, picky, punchy, queer, ticklish, variable, gaga, lubricious, notional, any way the wind blows, blowing hot and cold, changeful, humorsome, up and down, vagarious, yo-yo

Opposite/Antonyms of Capricious:

thoughtful, steady, constant, reasonable, steadfast, staid, dependable, cautious, stable, reliable, unchanging, predictable, sensible

Sentence/Example of Capricious: