Definition of Chasten:

correct, humiliate

Synonyms of Chasten:

penalize, rebuke, subdue, soften, curb, castigate, repress, reprove, abase, discipline, afflict, reprehend, scold, chide, tame, restrain, punish, objurgate, admonish, upbraid, reproach, cow, scourge, humble, chastise, berate, try, reprimand, rake over the coals, call down, exprobate, fulminate against, have on the carpet, take to task, tongue-lash

Opposite/Antonyms of Chasten:

cheer, boost, promote, inspirit, approve, let go, help, encourage, flatter, uplift, honor, embolden, assist, animate, forgive, reward, protect, exonerate, comfort, extol, laud, aid, release, praise, compliment

Sentence/Example of Chasten: