Definition of Churlish:

crude, boorish

Synonyms of Churlish:

grumpy, uncivilized, sullen, rude, ornery, base, blunt, brusque, cantankerous, crude, crusty, curt, discourteous, dour, grouchy, gruff, harsh, ill-tempered, impolite, loutish, mean, miserly, morose, oafish, rustic, snippy, surly, touchy, ugly, uncivil, uncultured, unmannerly, unpolished, unsociable, vulgar, crabbed, cloddish, clodhopping, cussed, lowbred, unneighborly

Opposite/Antonyms of Churlish:

gentle, sophisticated, refined, polished, nice, happy, polite, pleasant

Sentence/Example of Churlish: