Definition of Frustrating:

thwart, disappoint

Synonyms of Frustrating:

hinder, depress, discourage, dishearten, confront, baffle, obstruct, prevent, cramp, lick, stump, neutralize, forbid, obviate, dash, cancel, negate, counteract, circumvent, check, stymie, forestall, ruin, arrest, outwit, prohibit, crimp, overcome, balk, halt, beat, nullify, foil, impede, inhibit, annul, bar, preclude, counter, defeat, conquer, block, foul up, hold up, upset the applecart, give the run around, hang up, render null and void, ,

Opposite/Antonyms of Frustrating:

give up, open, forward, yield, push, approve, lose, let go, allow, support, inspirit, help, encourage, facilitate, cooperate, validate, retreat, surrender, permit, release, abet, hearten, assist, aid

Sentence/Example of Frustrating: