Definition of Induce:

cause to happen; encourage

Synonyms of Induce:

urge, activate, prompt, coax, engender, bring about, breed, promote, motivate, produce, persuade, convince, cause, generate, abet, move, actuate, bulldoze, make, cajole, sway, instigate, draw, wheedle, get, influence, effect, procure, press, sweet-talk, squeeze, impel, occasion, incite, bring around, get up, lead to, goose, soft-soap, steamroll, argue into, draw in, give rise to, prevail upon, sell one on, set in motion, suck in, talk into, win over,

Opposite/Antonyms of Induce:

repel, fail, lose, leave alone, stay, kill, halt, stop, discourage, hinder, delay, impede, deter, destroy, prevent, dissuade

Sentence/Example of Induce: