Definition of Lavish:

profuse; splendid

Synonyms of Lavish:

generous, bountiful, excessive, posh, wasteful, sumptuous, gorgeous, lush, swanky, opulent, luxurious, effusive, extravagant, grand, ritzy, exuberant, plush, profligate, exaggerated, free, abundant, copious, first-class, immoderate, impressive, improvident, inordinate, intemperate, liberal, luxuriant, munificent, openhanded, plentiful, prodigal, prolific, riotous, unreasonable, unrestrained, unsparing, wild, profusive, thriftless, unstinging

Opposite/Antonyms of Lavish:

spare, small, saving, depressed, barren, austere, economical, poor, reasonable, moderate, mean, scarce, scanty, thrifty, destitute, sparse, lacking, insufficient, wanting, stingy

Sentence/Example of Lavish: