Definition of Linger:

loiter, delay

Synonyms of Linger:

drift, idle, stay, remain, dawdle, wait, shuffle, slouch, tarry, trifle, hesitate, traipse, putter, loll, mosey, plod, falter, mope, totter, tool, lag, stop, trail, poke, hobble, dally, crawl, saunter, stroll, vacillate, trudge, procrastinate, stagger, lumber, amble, dillydally, fool around, fritter away, goof off, hang around, put off, stick around, be dilatory, be long, be tardy, hang out, sit around, wait around,

Opposite/Antonyms of Linger:

halt, advance, rush, tiptoe, continue, finish, carry on, run, forward, forge, leave, go, hurry, go ahead, complete

Sentence/Example of Linger: