Definition of Patronize:


Synonyms of Patronize:

deign, snub, stoop, favor, indulge, look down on, pat on the back, be gracious to, be lofty, be overbearing, talk down to, toss a few crumbs, treat as inferior, treat badly, treat like a child

Opposite/Antonyms of Patronize:

oppose, contend, hurt, ignore, antagonize

Sentence/Example of Patronize:

And you sit there and—swing your foot and—and patronize—and call him a fool.

The Captain did not attempt to urge him, neither did he preach or patronize.

Edna Keith was older than she, but not old enough to patronize.

If we get hungry before we reach Los Angeles, we'll patronize the diner.

Customers were very rare, the passers-by disinclined to patronize him.

You may flatter the American farmer; you cannot patronize him.

The gentry did not so often patronize public balls, but this was an exception.

This, I am glad to say, was the last of Raymond's endeavors to patronize the arts.

Subsequently, in our relations at the Bureau, she liked to patronize me slightly.

“I hope that people will patronize the tent generously,” Jessie said.