Definition of Perpetual:

continual, lasting

Synonyms of Perpetual:

ceaseless, constant, perennial, unceasing, continuous, eternal, persistent, never-ending, incessant, unending, permanent, enduring, infinite, interminable, endless, abiding, everlasting, immortal, imperishable, intermittent, recurrent, repeated, repeating, repetitious, returning, unchanging, undying, unfailing, uninterrupted, perdurable, sempiternal, unremitting, recurring, continued, going on, never-ceasing, reoccurring, without end

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetual:

brief, limited, terminable, stopping, irregular, finished, ending, , momentary, fleeting, finite, bounded, transient, temporary, ephemeral, halting, discontinuous, changing, interrupted, changeable, completed

Sentence/Example of Perpetual:

Else, could I hear the perpetual revilings of her implacable family?

This perpetual atmosphere of duplicity was positively distasteful.

It was a perpetual coming and going of fashionable personages.

His family were kept in perpetual fear of a ridiculous mesalliance.

In the height of summer might be found there a perpetual shade.

There were times when Constance almost despised him for his perpetual sunshine.

This is a text for a perpetual sermon on care in setting fashions.

It is truly strange that man's mind should have made of life a perpetual strife.

It haunted me; it was an obsession and a perpetual nightmare.

The thought of her life's perpetual renunciation was killing her.