Definition of Perpetuate:

keep going

Synonyms of Perpetuate:

preserve, bolster, maintain, immortalize, secure, eternalize, support, keep, eternize, continue, sustain, conserve, keep up, keep alive, keep in existence

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetuate:

stop, halt, neglect, let go, give up, prevent, cease, discontinue, release

Sentence/Example of Perpetuate:

As long as you keep that promise, you perpetuate that wrong.

Mr. Arundel was aware of the tradition, and he desired to perpetuate it.

By what power do the Mormons perpetuate their system of polygamy?

The Royal House ought to be grateful to me:—I am helping to perpetuate it.

His attitude, as I drove up, was one which Hunt would have delighted to perpetuate.

He built, as it were, a pyramid of books to perpetuate his name: but, alas!

No statues of marble or of bronze need be raised to perpetuate his memory.

The newspapers supply the demand and by supplying extend and perpetuate it.

They perpetuate their respect for Royalty in the very name they took.

You are contributing to perpetuate one of the sorest scourges of our world.