Definition of Persevere:

keep at; work hard

Synonyms of Persevere:

proceed, pursue, endure, persist, remain, continue, maintain, carry on, go on, hang tough, hold on, keep going, press on, stand firm, go for it, be determined, be resolved, be stubborn, go for broke, hang in, hold fast, keep driving, keep on, leave no stone unturned, plug away, see it through, stay the course, stick with it

Opposite/Antonyms of Persevere:

quit, leave, idle, be lazy, give up, stop, discontinue, cease

Sentence/Example of Persevere:

It seemed, however, as if mysterious whispers encouraged her to persevere.

Overhears her brother and sister encourage Solmes to persevere in his address.

While that hope is encouraged by so many worthy friends, I must persevere.

He now stood obstinately resolved to persevere in his iniquity.

Persevere as you have begun, and, trust me, you will be happy.

But while my strength lasts let us persevere, and I hope that you will persevere with your questions.

And I must beg of you to persevere, that the true rule of human life may become manifest.

In many cases a direct encouragement to persevere in the good path.

He will do more in the same time, he will do it better, he will persevere longer.

He 'll not persevere—he could not persevere—in his motion, if you send in your resignation.