List of questions which are asked in word coach game. : Word Coach tests your vocabulary knowledge in a fun word game or quiz questions

Using word coach learn 10 words of the day : Learn New Words Every Day in a Fun Way.

As we know that, now people are smarter day by day and they impress other by there communication and speech. To be honest, to impress other people by your communication you need to improve your vocabulary.

What is Words coach?

Every Day, We pick up 10 random words to enrich your vocabulary and remind how beautiful English language is.

Here is the list of questions which are asked in word coach game.

Which word is similar to charter?

A. authority
B. autonomy

Charter meaning: A written statement of the rights, beliefs and purposes of an organization or a particular group of people.

Which word is similar to disorder?

A. mess
B. miss

Disorder meaning: An untidy, confused or badly organized state

Which word is similar to guru?

A. butcher
B. teacher

Guru meaning: A spiritual leader or teacher in the Hindu religion

Which word is similar to prompt?

A. Cause
B. Chase

Prompt meaning: immediate; done without delay

Which word is similar to damage?

A. Farm
B. Harm

Damage meaning: harm or injury caused when something is broken or spoiled

Which word is similar to Coach?

A. Institute
B. Instructor

Coach meaning: To train or teach somebody, especially to compete in a sport or pass an exam

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